Insert Name Festival #5

Saturday 16 march 2019 @ KulturA.

USA Nails ? Toner Low ? Public Psyche ? FALL OF MESSIAH
Ilydaen ? Shht ? Seno Nudo ? Hetouht
+ Electronics Party

◄ USA Nails (UK) ▶
Formed in early 2013 through a mutual love for noise rock, punk and krautrock, USA Nails are gleefully complicit in the resurgent post-punk scene in London. While they feature among their ranks current and ex-members of Oceansize, Hawk Eyes and DIY punk outfits Silent Front and KONG, the band have embraced a more stripped-down approach, concentrating on mood and energy, in contrast to the more technical style of their former projects. There are clear nods towards the experimentalism of early Sonic Youth, the unrelenting grooves of Neu and the swagger of The Jesus Lizard. The final result has been compared with Loop, The Stooges and Swans, as well as current bands like Pissed Jeans and Destruction Unit.

◄ Toner Low (NL) ▶
Toner Low are a band from the Netherlands that formed in 1998. So far they released three full-length albums (2005, 2008 and 2013). Over the years the band did gigs with Electric Wizard, Acid King, Trouble, Colour Haze, Ufomammut, Jucifer, Conan, Ramesses and Monarch!, and played in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy, Romania, Greece, UK, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and other countries.

◄ Public Psyche (BE) ▶
Finally given in to the dark side or not afraid of a bold career move? To the surprise of many, Rape Blossoms have decided to change their name to Public Psyche while finishing the follow-up of ‘Starving Vultures at 7-Eleven’ (2011) and ‘Ruinenlust’ (2014). Recorded in their rehearsal space by the notorious Beyt Al Tapes, the third LP ‘No New Violence’ once again offers six tracks, but not exactly more of the same. A strong emphasis on synthesizers, tape delay, and repetition creates a genuine lo-fi mood that connoisseurs might describe as ‘slurry dub/cesspool punk’. ‘No New Violence’ was released in September 2017 on Hypertension Records. You will find them in da club, bottle full of bub’.

◄ Fall of Messiah (FR) ▶
Fall of Messiah is a French Post-Rock band with strong Math-Rock elements and hints of screamo. Constantly surprising their listeners and renewing their style, these five men switch between chaotic maths riffs, slow powerful rhythms and mind-blowing emotional parts, cleverly arranged with obvious musical skills. For fans of Bossk, Lost in Kiev, Jean Jean, Russian Circles, Telepathy, etc.

◄ Ilydaen (BE) ▶
Ilydaen [ilidæn] is a post-rock band created in 2009. This post-rock label is not so quite accurate while the band is none of what you could expect. It gives more energy than a post-rock band, as well as more occasions to be drown into self-reflexion and vague feelings. It’s the way we’re trying to give the audience a chance to be close to us. We had the chance to train ourselves over 2 Euro tours and more than 50 shows, the release of several studio works and we’re looking forward to growing more and more …

◄ Shht (BE) ▶
Shht is a brand new freak rock formation based in Ghent (Belgium) that will make you laugh and cry with their pounding grooves and autotuned hits. Influences from Kanye West, The Beatles and Jesus Christ shape the eclectic roots of this quintet’s unique sound. Their live shows are an energetic experience balancing between earthquakes in Haïti and taking drugs on a funfair. Fans of Raketkanon, Hypochristmutreefuzz or Guru Guru will love Shht.

Seno Nudo (BE) ▶
After a first life under the name “La Tentation Nihiliste”, a first EP entitled “One Year Without Sex” and a bunch of shows in Belgium and France, the Andenne-based combo stricks back with their new project “Seno Nudo”.
Including (past/present/future) members of sweek, Hudson, Viva Cats! or even Lilian Gish, Seno Nudo evolves in a dark and melancholic universe, inspired by the 90s indie rock scene. Loud guitars, tense rythmic, suspended moments with strings, Seno Nudo builds continuous dialogues between male and female vocals, interspersed by field recordings and film extracts.

Jam band // Stoner Psyche Desertrock Instrumental // One guitar, One drums // Liège, Belgium !

◄ After Party with▶
Les flâneurs
Les Flâneurs is a music collective who was born less than a year ago from a common passion of 4 friends for electronic music.
They are influenced by very different musical movements and styles, whether in terms of origins, tempos or atmospheres. Les Flâneurs will offer you mixes and parties in their own way: crossing eras, borders and breaking rhythms.

Lyminal & Khelan Low
Khelan Low and Lyminal gather to serve a mix of different influences from the musical electronic spectrum with deeply textured and hypnotic tracks.
They will seek the equilibrium between black and white, the border between evil and holiness & the link between life and death. You’ll find them in your despair as hope.
They’ll stimulate your deepest feelings through smooth melodies to make you reach the paroxysm of pleasure on the dancefloor.

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Insert Name Festival #5

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Date(s) - 16/03/2019 - 17/03/2019
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