Insert Name Festival #6
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Saturday 11th april 2020 @ KulturA.

FACS 🔼 Glassing 🔼 Monarch 🔼 Ingrina 🔼 Cable Ties 🔼 Peuk 🔼 DANCEHALL 🔼 Rope & Bones 🔼 France Frites

â—„ FACS (us) â–¶
Now composed of Brian Case (Disappears, 90 Day Men), Noah Leger (Disappears) and Alianna Kalaba (We Ragazzi, Cat Power), FACS uses minimalism to create abstract and modern art rock hovering between post-punk, shoegaze, and industrial. Through open, mechanical drum patterns, indistinctive guitar parts and pounding basslines, FACS sound unnervingly confrontational and ready to attack. Sometimes dark, sometimes propulsive, always intense. A band that seems to be born for rooms with a low ceiling; a band which will take you, with joy, on a sightseeing tour through a dull industrial city where factory chimneys spew ash-gray plumes across the streets.

â—„ Glassing (us) â–¶
Roughly speaking, Glassing combine post-hardcore with explosions of black-metal, winning comparisons with favorites like Sumac or Pelican. But their music cannot be summed up only by that, incorporating strains of post-rock, noise rock, ambient music and even some math rock, Glassing doesn’t lean definitively toward any styles. On paper it shouldn’t work, but this three piece from Austin found a way to breathe life into this uncanny hybrid, while still giving it a beautiful aesthetic. This worked and well-mastered diversity allows an unequaled intensity arousing many emotions, sometimes contradictory, which leaves no one unmoved.

â—„ Monarch (us) â–¶
ProgPsychRock quintet from the musically very fertile San Diego area, Monarch could be heavy. Yes, obviously, at times they prove they could be very good at it. But their composition is way much more than a path to a climax of an overwhelming sound. Where others would be tempted to take this route for convenience, Monarch integrate some kind of 70’s experimental prog and even a bit of americana while psychedelia might be the prism that everything is projected through. Their music offers a panoramic range of refreshing ideas and tones, reflecting the rich and diverse environment in which they grew up, with dazzling sea shores, cliffs and desert highways.

â—„ Cable Ties (aus) â–¶
Electrifying distortive punk three-piece from the flourishing Melbourne’s DIY music scene, Cable Ties succeed to combine stuffs reminiscent of some early 80’s productions that made punk-rock evolve and a fierce ferocity with hints of kraut and boogie. They stretch songs past breaking point, searching for that joyous rush. In short, a smouldering punk rock that sits you down. Something that will delight fans of ear-bleeding anthems, punchy guitars and hypnotic chugging grooves. Those who fit to that description will definitely have to catch the band in action especially since all that is really needed to know is: “We’re a live band, it’s our strongest point, it’s where we sound our best.”

â—„ Ingrina (fr) â–¶
With their 3 guitars, their 2 drums and their bass, this french sextet is not the first band to blend post-rock and post-metal, a mix that we thought we had already heard all forms of. A somewhat worned style that Ingrina manages to revitalize with great success. Through a graceful handling of influences and an exemplary meticulousness towards structure and narration, their quasi-orchestral soundscapes will give you every reason to be excited for Ingrina and their promising future.

â—„ Peuk (be) â–¶
One of the best guitar-driven bands from Belgium, Peuk is mainly dirty, razor-sharp and can bend on a solid live reputation. It must be said that with this team there (members and ex of Millionaire, Heisa, Evil Superstars, Fence, Vandal-X…), it cannot be otherwise. Somewhere between Nirvana’s grunge and Pavement’s low-fi pop via some kind of Sonic Youth’ stuff, no standard musical label can be given to their style. According to the band, they make sludgepop. Why not… Melodies mixed with quite loud guitars, Nele’s voice and the chaotic noise that Peuk sometimes produces can apply to that designation perfectly.

â—„ DANCEHALL (uk) â–¶
Trio of believers in distortion, energy and melody. Dancehall, with their driving basslines and their stabbing guitar lines, meld their serrated garage-punk with a great droning shoegaze. A pretty no-nonsense band that reveals, after further diggings, a real depth and innovation to their sound managing to tread the reverb-heavy path we all love. Only a few bands are as capable of being as direct and effective as them for the moment.

â—„ Ropes & Bones (be) â–¶
Among our favorites of the current Liège music scene, this guitar (Vincent – Lethvm, Lamiral) & drums (Brice – Felo De Se) duo plays a kind of slow post-metal driven by the desire to offer a heavy music, but nevertheless melodic and even poetic. Mainly low-tempo and minimalistic but extremely deep sound. You even won’t feel the lack of bass. Rope & Bones have also a noise and prog side mixed with screams that comes from a bit far from the microphone, like from the heart.

â—„ France Frites (fr) â–¶
«Notre guerre c’est le live, le reste on s’en branle.»
Formed in Bordeaux in 2010 in a city far too serious for them, France Frites have definitively moved in Belgium, in Brussels (what an idea… they should have settled in Liège!). Riots of percussions, sweet madness and rhythms inviting you to frenetically move your hips make their music a continual celebration to party. Besides, party seems to be what interests them the most.

â–Ş horaire : bientĂ´t / schedule : soon
â–Ş concerts dans les deux salles / shows on 2 stages

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Insert Name Festival #6

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